Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hi my natural bunnies!

I did my second big chop on 12/18/10! I am LOVING my short do!!!!! My regimen includes L'Oreal Paris Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. And a good grease base--Blue Magic's Coconut grease for sheen.

I have also been trying out the Australian Organix, Sulfate Free/Paraben Free conditioner. For deep conditioning I use Palmer's Olive Oil deep conditioning packs. I deep condition once a week.

I will talk to you all later! Later! Below are some Christmas pictures of me and my daughter, Naomi and my husband, Robert. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year my natural bunnies!!!!



Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Big Chop: 12/4/2010

So sorry my natural bunnies for being MIA for over a month. I've been pretty busy with grad school, full time work and keeping up with my 17 month old. Lol! But God has been good!

I want to let you know that I did my big chop on December 4, 2010! I am loving my natural hair!!! I thought I would do a long transition, but I was so eager to see my natural hair that I couldn't wait any longer. Also, I noticed that the two hair textures were not doing well at all. I could not get a comb through my hair at all and  I was having significant breakage. I just told my beautician Kat to go ahead with the big chop, and although she was hesitant initially to do this on me, she styled it in such a way that is too cute for words. Have you seen Janet Jackson's latest do? Well, that's what my beautician was shooting for and I think she did a fabulous job!!! Also, I want to let you know that I will be posting videos and more updates regularly on my natural hair journey via my YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and search under ChisomWrites and there you will see all my vids.

Keep it lovely and keep it natural!!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Rave About Dominican Blowout aka DBO or Doobie

Hello my natural bunnies!

I hope you all have had a wonderful November so far. I haven't posted in a while, and I'm sorry for being MIA. Today's blog is about the Dominican Blowout aka DBO or Doobie. The DBO is gaining a steady notoriety among African American (AA) women, and much to the chagrin of AA hair salons. The other day I heard a story on NPR about this and I was like, "Wow, are you serious?"

I asked my beautician Kat if she was aware of the DBO, and she had never heard of it, so I sent her a YouTube video of what the process entails. It does require a lot of heat to the hair. After Kat viewed the video she felt that the current status of my hair just isn't ready for that. You can check it out for yourself by going to YouTube and searching Dominican Blowout. The results are amazing, but I must say proceed with caution as there is heavy heat used to the hair.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have created a channel on YouTube called ChisomWrites. I thought this might be a better one stop shop to post videos about my natural hair journey, and also recite to you my poetic thoughts on life. Talk to ya soon!



Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Essence Magazine Issue of November 2010 and a Good Trim

Hello my natural bunnies,

This entry will be short and sweet. I have two videos for your viewing-one is a video I did last weekend (10/16/10) in some blue roller sets as I was talking about getting a good trim. Please get your hair trimmed at least every other month. With all the previous damage done to the hair as a result of perming, coloring, braids, and weaves, your hair can take a real beating, and can experience split ends and breakage. This is due in part to not getting your hair trimmed. A good trim promotes even, healthy hair growth. Check out my vlogs for more.

The vlog with me in a pink and black vest like blouse is from today, 10/22/10. I talk about the November 2010 issue of Essence magazine celebrating natural hair. Ciao, natural bellas. -xoxo, chisomthewriter

The video below was from last week, 10/16/10

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Roller Set Video


It's been a minute since my last post, but I wanted to share this quick roller set video with you. Roller sets are a great way to help your hair during the transition phase, and you don't have to just undergo roller sets. You can try rod sets or flex rod sets as your hair continues to grow. I am going for the long transition at this time before I make the move to the big chop (just not ready yet to venture that close to the edge). Anywho,when doing any kind of set that entails heat, please place blow dryer level on low heat, and if possible, allow the hair to air dry. As you are transitioning, the less time you can expose your hair to heat, the better. Later my naturalista friends! xoxo - chisomthewriter

Friday, October 8, 2010

Natural Hairstyles (Over 200) - YouTube Video by Naptural85

Please go to the Naptural85 channel on YouTube! There you can watch her amazing video of over 200 natural hairstyles! If you have a YouTube account I also strongly suggest you subscribe to her YouTube channel. The girl has some amazing how-to videos on styles and products regarding natural hair.

After watching this video it has reinforced my determination to stay natural. To all my women of color, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Click on the link below to go directly to the video! Enjoy!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GREASE! And I'm NOT Talking About the Legendary Movie or Broadway Play! Lol!

Hey everyone,

Today's topic is about GREASE! For those of you out there, I'm sure you can recount the times when Mommy dearest put some grease in your hair. Lol! Some of may you may not want to remember those days, but we've all had them. :-)

What I'm finding in my preliminary readings on the grease phenomenon is that there is more of an advocacy for essential oils over petroleum based grease. The view is that grease clogs your pores,and encourages dirt build-up, yada, yada yada. [Rolls eyes.] I have to say that I have a mixed take on this. I choose to take my mother's advice of using grease to grease my scalp at least twice a week.

The best analogy I can use is that grease is like an important "plant food" in lawn care. It's like Miracle Gro for your hair. A well maintained lawn must undergo a series of edging, hedging, watering, pruning and mowing in order to be healthy, and the same goes for your hair.

Generally, Black hair requires more attention to the utilization of oil (in Texas we pronounce oil as "all")/grease than our Caucasian counterparts. Let's say that "watering" your hair is like that of greasing. Simply put, too much greasing of the scalp, will not be help for the promotion of hair growth; it's as if you are over watering  (drowning) your hair. That is what you want to avoid. But grease application in moderation, just like watering your lawn in moderation, maintains the vibrancy of your hair like that of a lawn.

Below is a direct excerpt of an article I found helpful in looking at the best oil /greate ingredients for your hair. Among the list below I currently use a regimen of coconut grease (petroleum based) and olive oil  (less petroleum based) for greasing my scalp twice a week. My results have been great My hair looks alive even in it's transition state! Enjoy!


The information below is from the following website:

Natural Hair Needs Grease
Many products you'll find in the ethnic hair care section of your local stores are full of ingredients that aren't the best for black hair. Ironic, but true. Petroleum and mineral oil make up a large percentage of black hair products and all they do is clog your scalp and attract dirt to your hair. You do not have to "grease" your scalp for it to be healthy.
A better approach is to apply natural oils directly to your hair, paying special attention to the ends, which tend to be dry.

Coconut Oil

You'll find products that contain coconut oil, but if you can buy it pure and/or organic, you can use it straight from the jar. It's a wonderful emollient because unlike other oils, coconut oil actually penetrates the cortex instead of simply sitting on top of it and making it look all nice and shiny. It absorbs wonderfully and is multi-functional; use it on your skin and cook with it, too.

Shea Butter

Look for pure, unrefined shea butter that's pale yellow and smooth. Gritty, dark yellow, white or green shea butter is either too refined or even rotten. Again, look for a light yellow color and uniformity when buying shea butter. There's plenty of products that have jumped on the shea butter bandwagon, but if it's not one of the first five ingredients listed, it's probably not doing you much good. You can either buy a shea butter-based product, or better yet, use it straight from the jar. Pure shea butter can be firm, but it melts easily and absorbs into dry hair well.

Olive Oil

Another multi-tasker here, olive oil is great for hot oil treatments and for mixing with rinse-out conditioners. Use sparingly as this is a heavy oil and can weigh your hair down when used in large amounts.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is prized as a natural ingredient because its composition is similar to that of your scalp's natural oils. Use straight from the bottle, although it's not considered as effective a penetrator as coconut oil, or mix with conditioners and hair moisturizers.

Avocado Oil

If you've ever used mashed avocado as a conditioning treatment, you're familiar with the moisturizing properties of this vegetable. The oil is good for use on dry hair.

 Aloe Vera

Purported to prevent hair loss, aloe vera does more than soothe sunburn. A good aloe vera shampoo is said to restore the pH levels of the scalp.

Castor Oil 

Good for cleansing the scalp, promoting thicker hair growth and removing toxins, use castor oil once to twice per week.

Friday, October 1, 2010

De-Threading Video

Hey Peeps,

Here is just a video of me taking out my threads after a week. I would have kept them in longer, but my hair was in dire need of a wash, and my stylist has a customer appreciation special that I want to take advantage of: $30 perms, and quick weaves, and a wash and style for $20, which is what I'm getting. Kat you're the best!!!!! I'll be there bright and early to get my hair washed. Enjoy the video!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I See Your Face"

Hello my Naturalistas and wannabe Naturalistas,

It's been a great week! I've enjoyed a new sense of freedom ever since my declaration to go natural!

The other day I was in line surveying the menu in the college cafeteria. As I was perusing whether to go with roast beef or tilapia, a colleague of mine, also in line, just fixed his gaze on me. Before his gaze I was feeling happy go lucky, but my gosh, his fixedness on my face almost made me wanna cause a scene and ask him,
"What, John <-(not the starer's real name), is there something on my face?" I guess he read my body language, and suddenly snapped back to planet earth.

His response: "Wow, Ije you are truly beautiful. I love your hair. I see your face. I see you."

I certainly did not see that coming! I sheepishly shuffled my feet, and expressed a surprised thank you to John. Can a black girl blush, because I think I certainly did. Lol!

I found that experience a profound moment to ponder. Why now, of all times that John has seen me, did he decide to compliment me in that moment? He was so genuinely passionate about it. I'll tell you why. Because to him, at that moment, he had seen the real me. Not Ije who once wore weaves, or a fresh perm, but me for me in a sort of untapped, raw form. He saw my face.

I think that's how God desires to see us. He wants to know the root of who we are, and you simply can't know who you really are until you get Back to the Basics of who you deeply are, which means peeling through the "layers" (i.e., the weaves, the perms, the processing) to get to the inner most beauty that lies within you--your soul. It is why God so passionately wants to know us, and see our face, and when we believe in Him, He enters and takes residence to the seat of our soul, and is happy to talk to you and know the real you. It is when He can truly see your face, kinda like how John saw mine yesterday.

Below is a quick video of my beautiful mother who helped in catapulting my journey. She just looks timeless. She is just shy of 60 and looking FABULOUS!!! I never had a sister growing up, but often people think she is my sister. I love her so much. Enjoy!


Monday, September 27, 2010

My New Do Reveal and a Moment Back in Time

I was a little nervous about coming to work today to reveal my new "do." When I walked into my boss' office he greeted me. I was squeamish, and ready for whatever quizzical declaration he might have about what I did to my head. Drum roll please! He simply said, "Hey Ije! Good morning! Did you have a good weekend?" After our exchange of common pleasantries, and talk about how our individual weekends were, he went straight to business about talking on what he garnered from the recent HR conference he had returned from, and he talked with me about some training and development strategies he wanted me to investigate and possibly implement for the college.

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised, and also internally happy that he was more engaged with picking my brain on a new endeavor rather than wondering what I did with my hair! I know it's early but I really like my new do.

When I told my mother about my plight to go natural she responded in her Nigerian accent, "Ije, are you shaw about dis?" Lol! My response: "Yes, Ma, I'm sure."

As she threaded my hair it had been 20 years since she had engaged in this time honored African hair tradition. We both recounted those days during my early years when I dreaded "hair days," because I knew it meant torture while I sat between my mother's knees as she worked her magic. Even now, those childhood images are still vibrant in my mind, and in the mind of my mother. And so I now return on my own volition, and plop myself between her knees again. We reminisced and laughed...


Sunday, September 26, 2010

With Love, from Chisom and Naomi

Hey everyone,

Okay, below is my first vlog installment. I just want to clear up one major thing. I am NOT a beautician, or an image consultant. I will not try to SELL you anything regarding hair/hair products. At this time, I'm not making a profit from my blog. I am simply documenting my journey to becoming natural. All opinions stated on this blog are MY assertions on MY experience with MY natural hair transition, and may be coupled with statements of items/products I have used to assist me on my natural hair journey. Believe me, I don't have time or plans to start developing a product line. This blog is simply my virtual diary, that I am open to sharing with you. Feel free to share my blog with others.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to the Basics : The Chronicle of My Hair Harvest

I have decided to go Back to the Basics and return to my "roots," my natural roots that is. I will try to defy all things associated with perms, relaxers and weaves for the next year. For the last several months I have had this desire to get my hair back to the illustrious, primitive stage it was during my wonder years. As a mother to a young daughter, I see how beautiful, full and rich my daughter's hair is, and have desired to return my hair back to what it was originally designed to be. I will not lie that I am a little nervous, yet excited about this journey.

First things first. Should you decide to return your hair to its natural state, please have an open dialogue with your beautician or hair stylist. It's just common courtesy  to your stylist, and will certainly benefit you too. If they do not appear supportive in your endeavor, then like a split end, cut them off. I called my stylist, Kat, and while she was surprised at my decision she gave me a litany of options on how we can now go about treating my hair chemical free. The plan - engage in roller sets for a while, and also have some African threading done courtesy of my mother. Some people call them silky dreads, but the way we do it in Nigeria it is done with a very taut string that is repeatedly tied around the hair to keep it together, and let me tell you, this method grows hair!

Also, my scalp has been quite dry, and with the partitions that threading provides, I can easily grease my scalp now. My partitioned head looks like a patch of farmland, but you know what? I am ready for my harvest of fuller, longer, healthy hair!

If you are considering a natural hair journey, but aren't sure yet, then live vicariously through my blog to see if it's really for you. Be patient with me, as I am new to all of this, but I'm excited! Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy the spirit-filled aspect of my blog, and my occasional vlogs. Welcome to my journey, Back to the Basics: The Chronicle of My Hair Harvest. So long creamy crack! Lol!