Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to the Basics : The Chronicle of My Hair Harvest

I have decided to go Back to the Basics and return to my "roots," my natural roots that is. I will try to defy all things associated with perms, relaxers and weaves for the next year. For the last several months I have had this desire to get my hair back to the illustrious, primitive stage it was during my wonder years. As a mother to a young daughter, I see how beautiful, full and rich my daughter's hair is, and have desired to return my hair back to what it was originally designed to be. I will not lie that I am a little nervous, yet excited about this journey.

First things first. Should you decide to return your hair to its natural state, please have an open dialogue with your beautician or hair stylist. It's just common courtesy  to your stylist, and will certainly benefit you too. If they do not appear supportive in your endeavor, then like a split end, cut them off. I called my stylist, Kat, and while she was surprised at my decision she gave me a litany of options on how we can now go about treating my hair chemical free. The plan - engage in roller sets for a while, and also have some African threading done courtesy of my mother. Some people call them silky dreads, but the way we do it in Nigeria it is done with a very taut string that is repeatedly tied around the hair to keep it together, and let me tell you, this method grows hair!

Also, my scalp has been quite dry, and with the partitions that threading provides, I can easily grease my scalp now. My partitioned head looks like a patch of farmland, but you know what? I am ready for my harvest of fuller, longer, healthy hair!

If you are considering a natural hair journey, but aren't sure yet, then live vicariously through my blog to see if it's really for you. Be patient with me, as I am new to all of this, but I'm excited! Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy the spirit-filled aspect of my blog, and my occasional vlogs. Welcome to my journey, Back to the Basics: The Chronicle of My Hair Harvest. So long creamy crack! Lol!



  1. I did have natural hair for a long time but never implemented the threading style. I think it's really brave of you to go this route. Lead on!!

  2. Oh wow Ije, I am really impressed. Back in Nigeria, I really LOVED threading my hair. I had natural hair and my hair grew so long and it was soft too. It's been 2 months since I did my BC and I have been wishing I can find someone to thread my hair even though I'm not sure that I have the 'liver' to wear it. I'm really impressed...U GO GIRL!!

  3. Thanks Judith and Onyi for your kind words! Believe me, I was freaking out when I went I initially went out in public, but I soon found people saying how pretty it was and wanting to know who had done my hair. It was then, that I was like, "Man, this isn't so bad at all." Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to tell others about my journey.