Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I See Your Face"

Hello my Naturalistas and wannabe Naturalistas,

It's been a great week! I've enjoyed a new sense of freedom ever since my declaration to go natural!

The other day I was in line surveying the menu in the college cafeteria. As I was perusing whether to go with roast beef or tilapia, a colleague of mine, also in line, just fixed his gaze on me. Before his gaze I was feeling happy go lucky, but my gosh, his fixedness on my face almost made me wanna cause a scene and ask him,
"What, John <-(not the starer's real name), is there something on my face?" I guess he read my body language, and suddenly snapped back to planet earth.

His response: "Wow, Ije you are truly beautiful. I love your hair. I see your face. I see you."

I certainly did not see that coming! I sheepishly shuffled my feet, and expressed a surprised thank you to John. Can a black girl blush, because I think I certainly did. Lol!

I found that experience a profound moment to ponder. Why now, of all times that John has seen me, did he decide to compliment me in that moment? He was so genuinely passionate about it. I'll tell you why. Because to him, at that moment, he had seen the real me. Not Ije who once wore weaves, or a fresh perm, but me for me in a sort of untapped, raw form. He saw my face.

I think that's how God desires to see us. He wants to know the root of who we are, and you simply can't know who you really are until you get Back to the Basics of who you deeply are, which means peeling through the "layers" (i.e., the weaves, the perms, the processing) to get to the inner most beauty that lies within you--your soul. It is why God so passionately wants to know us, and see our face, and when we believe in Him, He enters and takes residence to the seat of our soul, and is happy to talk to you and know the real you. It is when He can truly see your face, kinda like how John saw mine yesterday.

Below is a quick video of my beautiful mother who helped in catapulting my journey. She just looks timeless. She is just shy of 60 and looking FABULOUS!!! I never had a sister growing up, but often people think she is my sister. I love her so much. Enjoy!



  1. "I can see your face" Isn't' that powerful?! My hubby tells me that each time I pull my locks back & up on my head...I should probably do it more often :P. Love the take on How God sees us! Nice one!

  2. Thanks so much for your support Funmi!