Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Essence Magazine Issue of November 2010 and a Good Trim

Hello my natural bunnies,

This entry will be short and sweet. I have two videos for your viewing-one is a video I did last weekend (10/16/10) in some blue roller sets as I was talking about getting a good trim. Please get your hair trimmed at least every other month. With all the previous damage done to the hair as a result of perming, coloring, braids, and weaves, your hair can take a real beating, and can experience split ends and breakage. This is due in part to not getting your hair trimmed. A good trim promotes even, healthy hair growth. Check out my vlogs for more.

The vlog with me in a pink and black vest like blouse is from today, 10/22/10. I talk about the November 2010 issue of Essence magazine celebrating natural hair. Ciao, natural bellas. -xoxo, chisomthewriter

The video below was from last week, 10/16/10

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